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Honeywell Analytics SPM Flex Fixed Unit for Japan - SPMF-F1JP

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Honeywell Analytics
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Honeywell Analytics SPM Flex Fixed Unit for Japan - SPMF-F1JP

Honeywell Analytics SPM Flex Fixed Unit for Japan - SPMF-F1JP


SPMF-F1JP SPM Flex Fixed Unit for Japan by Honeywell Analytics

Improving safety and productivity with the most flexible, user-friendly tape-based gas detector for low-level toxics Feel more confident than ever in your plant's safety and uptime.

In your critical operations, where distruptions can cost millions of dollars, do you have the right instrument for your toxic gas monitoring system? One that your workers feel confident using? One that provides the gas intelligence you need?

With SPM Flex, you never have to worry whether your single-point monitor will stand up to harsh conditions whether a false alarm will lead to a costly shutdown, or whether your workers will be able to correctly operate the device.

Instead, you can count on our Chemcassette® tape-based SPM Flex for unmatched accuracy, flexibility and ease of use - even in challenging environments. So you can rest assured that you're keeping your people safe and your operations running.

Rugged and reliable

Stands up to harsh conditions. Working in the sun and rain, around blasts of steam, or other challenging environmental conditions? The SPM Flex goes where you do, standing up to changes in temperature and humidity without compromising accuracy.

It also works well in cleanrooms, thanks to its Teflon coating that doesn't attract dust. And if it's ever exposed to toxic gas or caustic liquid, just hose it down or use a decontamination wipe.

New Enhancements

  • Additional gas formulas
  • Flip screen
  • Duty cycle to reduce Chemcassette® usage
  • K-factor multiplier

Crisp, clear visibility - from near and far

Visible at a distance

Thanks to a crisp display and a color-coded LED bar on top of the SPM Flex, you can see alarm status, gas concentration and other data easily from a distance. So even if you're not right next to your SPM Flex, you always know the health of your unit and the safety of your area.

Remote viewing through the web

Your visibility even extends to other rooms and buildings, thanks to the unit's web capabilities. Simply plug an Ethernet cable into the SPM Flex, and use the easy-to-read web interface to see the status of the unit - no matter where you are.

Flexible uses throughout your plant

Thanks to its robust design and intuitive operation, the SPM Flex can perform a variety of roles.

Emergency Response

When your emergency response team needs to respond quickly, the SPM Flex is the best tool for the job. With fast startup, easy operation in hazmat gear and rugged design, the SPM Flex is ready when you are.

Life Safety

The SPM Flex, capable of working as both a fixed and a portable unit, is an important addition to your toxic gas monitoring system. Use it to investigate suspected leaks, or, if you have a monitoring point that's out of service, use the SPM Flex to replace it - with the option to plug it in or use the long-lasting battery.

Tool Maintenance

When your crews need to perform maintenance on a process tool, they can take the SPM Flex with them to ensure safety while they work. With full data logging and an industry leading gas selection, you'll always have the assurance that your staff are safe every day, all day.

Advanced capabilities - no expertise required

Your workers may not use the SPM Flex every day, but when they need it, they'll be able to operate it with confidence. That's because this highly automated single-point monitor is intuitive, easy to use, and designed to fit the unique needs of your operation.

Easy to choose the target gas

Want to monitor for a certain gas? Just turn on the SPM Flex, snap in the proper Chemcassette® tape, and use the intuitive LCD menu to select the gas from the list. Need to monitor for a gas in a different family? Just swap out the Chemcassette tape and choose the new gas. No ChemKeys™ required.

Quick start-up for emergency response

The SPM Flex gets up and running in under two minutes - so your response team can quickly gear up and go to the site.

Easy to use with protective equipment or hazmat gear

Purpose-built with the user experience in mind, the SPM Flex is easy to carry, operate and read - even when you're wearing a hazmat suit or other protective gear. The monitor has large, chunky buttons that are easy to use. And when you carry the SPM Flex, the display faces up so it's easy to read.

Extreme Accuracy for Extreme Gases

The SPM Flex, the next evolution of our SPM and TLD gas detectors with Chemcassette tape technology, is capable of working as both a fixed and a portable unit. The monitor detects the ultrasensitive gases inherent in your operations, including: Hydrides, Mineral acids, Oxidizers, Amine.

Our Chemcassette tape technology shows the presence of gas - quickly and definitively with a physical record. So you can prevent costly downtime from false alarms.

Data logging and information management for total confidence

Access to detailed history

With the SPM Flex, you can rest assured that every monitoring moment is being recorded - and ready for analysis whenever you need it. Whether you want to report a gas incident or investigate a trend, the monitor keeps up to a three-month history of gas concentrations, alarms, tape changes and other factors. Plus, you have the option to view this data through a web server, or you can easily download it to a USB drive.

Easy to adjust configurations

Need to change the detection limit for a gas? Alter the parameters for latching alarms? Just adjust your settings with the intuitive menu - then use the USB port to download and transfer them to other units. So it's a snap to deploy multiple monitors with a consistent configuration.

Designed to the highest standard of reliability

Easy maintenance and long-lasting battery

The SPM Flex has easily serviceable parts and a reliable battery, so you can count on long-lasting portable use - and an affordable cost of ownership. Even more, if the SPM Flex is plugged in and you lose power, the internal battery kicks in as backup so the unit keeps monitoring.

All backed by the history and reputation of Honeywell

With the SPM Flex, like other products from Honeywell, you can have peace of mind from knowing your gas detection equipment is engineered to the highest standard of safety and reliability. We honor the investment you've made, and we're here to support you, giving you complete confidence in your facility's gas safety, compliance and uptime.

Honeywell Gas Detection Offerings

Honeywell gas detectors protect people, assets and environment from toxic and combustible gas hazards, helping to create safer, more comfortable, secure and productive environments. Our strength derives from Honeywell's leadership in sensor technology; in fact Honeywell operates four sensor manufacturing plants, supplying an entire industry with its core detective element.


Gas detection from standalone units to fully engineered, multi-point systems, all offering cost-effective regulatory compliance.

  • Applications: parking structures, chillers, mechanical rooms, office towers, commercial buildings, shopping centers, swimming pools, golf courses, schools and universities, laboratories


Renowned Sieger and Manning gas detection systems with advanced electrochemical, infrared and open path sensing technologies.

  • Applications: oil and gas, cold storage, water/wastewater treatment, chemicals, engine rooms, plastics and fibers, agriculture, printing and light industrial


Single or multi-gas ranging from compact, lightweight designs for personal protection to systems-based, networkable instrumentation for industrial hygiene.

  • Applications: underground utility and electricity ducts, boiler rooms, post-fire sites, sewers, industrial plants, industrial hygiene, first responder teams, remote fleets

High Tech/Government

Reliable gas and chemical detection including infrared spectroscopy (MST) with no cross interference, to Chemcassette paper-based solutions (MDA Scientific) offering detection down to parts per billion.

  • Applications: semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace propulsion, specialty chemicals industry, research laboratories, emergency response

Technical Services

24/7 global network includes post-sales service and Systems Integration teams.

  • Emergency call out, service contracts, on/off-site repair, training and commissioning
  • Complete range of spares, consumables and accessories
DETECTION TECHNIQUE Chemcassette tape-based with advanced self monitoring optics design and K-factor multiplier options. Duty cycle options to save paper.
DIMENSIONS Height: 13.2 in. (33.6 cm); Width: 7.2 in. (18.3 cm); Depth without handle: 6.4 in. (16.3 cm); Depth with handle: 9.5 in. (24.1 cm).
WEIGHT 9.1 lbs. (4.1 kg).
MOUNTING SCREWS Concrete: 5/16 in x 2 in vibration-resistant stud anchor for concrete (McMaster-Carr 94475A185 or equivalent), add 0.25 in. to length when mounting bracket with sun shield.
Wood: 5/16 in. x 2 in. flange head lag screw for wood (McMaster-Carr 95526A375 or equivalent), add 0.25 in. to length when mounting bracket with sun shield.
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C) for most gases/applications.
OPERATING HUMIDITY 0-100% RH for unit (Sample RH limited per tape/calibration). Sample line requires additional hardware to remove moisture in high RH conditions where condensing may occur. The sample must be non-condensing. Dry conditions may require humidification.
FLOW SYSTEM Automatic flow control with bypass system, higher flow at inlet to reduce sample time (internal bypass system); sample up to 100 ft, check manual for specific gases.
LOCAL ALARMS/STATUS Visual: LEDs for alarm, normal condition, fault and external power.
Audible: User selectable: Off, Low ~75 dB at 1 m, Medium ~85 dB at 1 m, High >90 dB at 1.
INTERFACE 4 large buttons, 3.5 in. Color LCD TFT display, web server. Flip screen.
DATA LOGGING Rolling up to 3 months (15-22 sec. with no gas reading, 1-2 sec. when reading gas), Event history (1500 events - approx. 1 year).
MAXIMUM INLET/OUTLET PRESSURE DIFFERENTIAL The overall maximum load on the pump between the inlet and the exhaust should not exceed 10" WC (24.8 mbars or 2488 Pascales).
RELAYS 250V AC, 6 A maximum.
USB 2.0 or later.
INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE Both (the power supply provided is indoor only)
OPERATING ALTITUDES -1,000 to 3,000 ft. above sea level: standard; 3,000 ft. to 6,000 ft. above sea level: requires adjustment by Honeywell Analytics.
VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS Mount with no obstructions within 4 in. (10 cm) of either side or within 2 in. (5 cm) above and below the detector.
POWER SUPPLY Universal Line powered (90-260 VAC 50/60 Hz) for battery charger.
POWER CONSUMPTION ~1.9 A at 24 VDC +/- 10% (including battery-charging current).
BATTERY TYPE Lithium ion.
BATTERY LIFE 6+ hours under typical conditions - acts as battery back-up in fixed applications. Approximately 70% of its original capacity after 300 full charge/discharge cycles.
POWER ADAPTOR Input: 90~264 VAC, 1.2A, 47-63 Hz.
Output: 24 VDC, 3.75 A max.
WIRE GAUGES Minimum: 24; Maximum: 14. AWG for relay and 4-20 mA outputs.
OPTIONS Relays: Alarm 1, Alarm 2, Fault (user configurable for normally open/closed)
Ethernet (with Modbus TCP/IP and web server).
USB port (for memory stick configuration/data transfer).
Communications connector and optional communications cable: 60 V, 5 A maximum.
INHIBIT 2 mA, programmable from 1.5-3.5 mA in 0.5 mA increments.
MAINTENANCE 3 mA, programmable from 1.5-3.5 in 0.5 increments.
INSTRUMENT FAULT 1 mA or less, not programmable (will be driven under 1 mA).
OVER-SCALE 21.5 mA, programmable 21-22 mA.
4-20 MA CONFIGURATIONS Sink, source, isolated.
DETECTOR 0°C to 40°C, 0-100% RH non-condensing.
CHEMCASSETTE CARTRIDGES See the label on the Chemcassette cartridge for storage conditions.
DETECTOR UL 61010-1, 3rd Edition, 2012-05 (ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT FOR MEASUREMENT, CONTROL, AND LABORATORY USE - Part 1: General Requirements).
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1, 3rd Edition, 2012-05, (ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT FOR MEASUREMENT, CONTROL, AND LABORATORY USE - Part 1: General Requirements).
IEC 61010-1:2010, 3rd Edition.
RFID APPROVALS USA (FCC), Canada (IC), Mexico (IFT), Japan (IFERW), Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, China (CMIIT), Malaysia, Australia (RCM), New Zealand (R-NZ), Europe (RED).
BATTERY UL/cUL Recognition to UL 2054 + 60950-1.
IEC 62133 1st Edition CB Certification.
UN Test Report to UN 38.3.
CHEMCASSETTE TAPE 14, 30 or 90 day cartridges for 7 specific family gases.
DUTY CYCLE OPTIONS Duty cycle options to conserve chemcassette tape in high background applications.
RFID LABELS Smart radio frequency FD labels affixed to cartridges for error-proof use and quick gas selection. Chem keys no longer required.
FILTERS Most gases require a filter. See manual for filter requirements.

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