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Honeywell Analytics Sensepoint XCD RTD Transmitter, Oxygen (O2) 0-25% v/v, Aluminum Enclosure - SPXCDULNO2

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Honeywell Analytics
Honeywell Analytics Sensepoint XCD RTD Transmitter, Oxygen (O2) 0-25% v/v, Aluminum Enclosure - SPXCDULNO2
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Honeywell Analytics Sensepoint XCD RTD Transmitter, Oxygen (O2) 0-25% v/v, Aluminum Enclosure - SPXCDULNO2

Honeywell Analytics Sensepoint XCD RTD Transmitter, Oxygen (O2) 0-25% v/v, Aluminum Enclosure - SPXCDULNO2


SPXCDULNO2 Sensepoint XCD RTD Transmitter, Oxygen (O2) 0-25% v/v, Aluminum Enclosure by Honeywell Analytics

Sensepoint XCD RTD from Honeywell Analytics makes it easy on your maintenance team, time and budget when faced with the challenge of monitoring toxic gases in Class I, Div 2 areas.

You can mount the unit up to 100 feet from the transmitter to obtain maximum gas detection coverage in areas not easily accessible or where the sensor would not be visible, as in high-or low-level concealed areas, or detection outside the room being monitored. XCD RTD offers unrivaled flexibility and performance via its easily recognizable display (traffic light pattern) to convey safety status, communication and mounting options, and onboard diagnostics.

Get More Return on Investment from the Practical Advantages of XCD RTD. Sensepoint toxic and oxygen sensors detect a wide variety of industrial gases at common measuring ranges, adding flexibility to your gas monitoring program, reducing your parts procurement costs and expanding your safety net.

Remote gas monitoring has never been this easy and cost-effective. Mount the sensor as shown in the illustration and view gas safety status via the large tri-color display on the transmitter, up to 100 feet away from the sensor. The advantages of this remote monitoring system are added safety, and reduced time spent on maintenance. There's no need for your team to climb ladders or bring in specialized equipment to view gas concentration readings or to conduct a safety audit. What's more, the removable sensor design of Sensepoint XCD RTD cuts downtime and eliminates the need for specialized training.

Reduce Cost of Ownership Over Life of the Product

  • Cut stocking and procurement costs with a common transmitter platform
  • Reduce maintenance time and expense with non-intrusive, one-man operation
  • Simplify maintenance with plug-in, removable sensor
  • Reduce inspection and training time with tri-color 'traffic light' display conveying safety status at a glance
  • Simplify set-up and configuration with non-intrusive magnetic switches

Gain Added Flexibility, Reliability and Performance

  • Extend gas sensing element up to 100 feet (30 meters) from transmitter; mount in the most difficult to access areas
  • Reduce likelihood of human error via on-board diagnostics and easy-to-read display
  • Protect against dust/water ingress with IP66/67 rated stainless steel or aluminum enclosure
  • Prevent false alarms with auto-inhibit during maintenance
  • Select sink or source 4-20mA output; integral or remote configuration
  • Full range of accessories and purchase options let you choose the remote monitoring system that's right for your application
Use 3 wire, 4-20mA and RS485 MODBUS output fixed point detector with in-built alarm and fault relays for the protection of personnel and plant from toxic and oxygen hazards. Incorporating a transmitter with local display and optional remote mounted sensor, fully configurable via non-intrusive magnetic switch interface with a wide range integral and remote sensors available.
Input Voltage Range 16 to 32VDC (24VDC nominal)
Max Power Consumption Maximum power consumption is dependent on the type of gas sensor being used. Electrochemical cells = 3.7W
Maximum inrush current = 800mA at 24VDC
Current Output Sink or source
Relays 3 x 5A@250VAC. Selectable normally open or normally closed (switch) and energized/de-energised (programmable) Alarm relays default normally open/de-energized. Fault relay default normally open/energized
Communication RS485
Material Housing: Epoxy painted aluminium alloy LM25 or 316 stainless steel
Sensor: Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) (see Sensepoint specifications)
Weight (approx) Aluminium Alloy LM25: 4.4lbs 316
Stainless Steel: 11lbs
Mounting Integral mounting plate with 4 x mounting holes suitable for M8 bolts. Optional pipe mounting kit for horizontal or vertical pipe Ø1.5 to 3" (2" nominal)
Cable Entries 2 x 3/4" NPT conduit entries. Suitable blanking plug supplied for use if only 1 entry used. Seal to maintain IP rating
IP Rating IP67 in accordance with EN60529:1992
Certified Temperature Range 40°F to +149°F (-40°C to +65°C)

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