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Troglotech T812 Pan and Tilt Camera

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Troglotech T812 Pan and Tilt Camera
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Troglotech T812 Pan and Tilt Camera

Troglotech T812 Pan and Tilt Camera


T812 Pan and Tilt Camera by Troglotech

Our T812 Pan & Tilt camera is tough, machined from solid stainless steel, waterproof to IP68, 7 Bar, 100 psi and designed to operate on the T804 pushrod system.

The camera does not need to be pressurised to attain its waterproof status, no need for pumps or Nitrogen purging, the camera is sealed at the factory and will retain sealing integrity through its life.

The camera head includes an auto-uprighting system that gives the operator a view that is akin to actually being inside the pipe being surveyed.

A single button-push on the T804 sets the focus and points the camera directly forward making orientation during a survey immediate. The camera head can rotate and tilt through 360 degrees.

The camera also has the capability of measuring defects in pipework without the need for grids or lasers, the measurement can be made and saved during the live survey taking just a few seconds. This capability can be added at any time to the system when required.

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