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TPI BNC Attenuator Kit - 120086

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Test Products International
TPI BNC Attenuator Kit - 120086
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120085 BNC Attenuator Kit by Test Products International


  • Increase the input range of an oscilloscope.
  • Reduce the output level of fixed amplitude signal sources.
  • Connect low impedance sources to instruments with high-impedance inputs.


  • 120082 Individual BNC Attenuator, 3 dB 1.0 Watt
  • 120083 Individual BNC Attenuator, 6 dB 1.0 Watt
  • 120084 Individual BNC Attenuator, 10 dB 0.5 Watt
  • 120085 Individual BNC Attenuator, 20 dB 0.5 Watt
Material Tin-Zinc-Copper Plating
Nominal Impedance 50Ω
Operating Temperature -50 to 80°C
VSWR Deviation 0.1% over operating temperature range
Power Rating 1W over operating temperature range
Peak Power Rating 100W for 25 microseconds
Power Coefficient 0.001dB/W change in attenuation with power increase
Temperature Coefficient 0.001dB/°C maximum, 0.0003dB/°C typical

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