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Crowcon Vortex Standard Wall Mounting in Cabinet 8 Input Channels with 2 Relay Module

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Crowcon Vortex Standard Wall Mounting in Cabinet 8 Input Channels with 2 Relay Module
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Crowcon Vortex Standard Wall Mounting in Cabinet 8 Input Channels with 2 Relay Module

Crowcon Vortex Standard Wall Mounting in Cabinet 8 Input Channels with 2 Relay Module


Vortex 8-Channel Control Panel for Gas and Fire Monitoring

Crowcon Detection Instruments consistently produces the best gas detection and monitoring devices in the industry. Around the globe, companies and workers enjoy higher standards of safety when they purchase and implement a product by Crowcon. With many years of research and development under its belt, Crowcon continuously works to advance its product offerings by utilizing the latest technology in gas detection. The Vortex 12-channel control panel for gas and fire monitoring is one of the most versatile and compatible control panels on the market with its ease of use and ease of customization.

Easy to Use

The Vortex control panel requires very little training. The unit is incredibly easy to use and simple to understand. All of the day to day operations are easily accessible through push buttons on the front panel, and while the display panel continuously shows necessary information, the LEDs only illuminate when a hazard or fault is detected. This allows users to quickly check the conditions with a mere glance. The Vortex is also incredibly easy to service and maintain. Replacement parts simply plug into the unit, and the interior of the panel was designed for easy access for cable termination. The zones within the unit are compartmentalized so that a user may work on one part of the unit without disabling the entire control panel.

Maximum Flexibility

Crowcon understands the economics of efficiency. When designing the Vortex 12-channel control panel, the company worked to create a product that would be optimally compatible with existing equipment and infrastructures. The Vortex can be configured to match any and all site requirements with minimum wiring. The control panel may also be factory set with specific requirements, easing the installation and training process. These settings may be adjusted at any time by a PC using Vortex software. The panel also uses industry standard communication links and can be simply integrated with existing control systems.

Reliable and Safe

The Vortex has been tested for numerous environmental hazards and is rated IP65 for dust and water ingress. To improve safety measures, all of the relays are monitored continuously. In this manner, faults are immediately identified. This helps to protect the integrity of the device and the safety of the users. The unit also continuously monitors its power supply. If power were to fail, the control panel would switch to its internal batteries which are also continuously monitored. For years, Crowcon has developed its reputation for manufacturing safe and reliable gas detection equipment. In turn, the Vortex control panel enjoys some of the highest safety standards in the industry.


The Vortex has dimensions of 18.5 x 12 x 6.5 inches. Enclosed in aluminum and plastic, the wall mounted control panel houses up to 12 channels and utilizes IP65 ingress protection. The unit also has datalogging capabilities. The panel displays several indicators:

  • Channel number
  • Gas reading
  • Measurement units
  • Power
  • Battery status
  • Run/hold indication
  • Channel test mode
  • System fault/integrity
  • Color coded visual alarms and audio alarms
Size 470 x 306 x 170 mm (18.5 x 12 x 6.5 ins)
Weight 12 kg (27 lbs)
Enclosure material Aluminium & Plastic
Mounting Wall mounted
Ingress protection IP65
Channels Up to 12
Gas 2 or 3 wire, 4-20 mA (sink or source), 0-5 V
Fire - Smoke detectors, heat detectors and manual call points, up to 20 per loop maximum of 3 loops
Analogue None
External audio/visual alarm drive 4 powered 24 V dc, max load up to 0.5 A each
Type Up to 24 SPCO contacts rated 6 A @ 250 V ac, non-inductive load Active coil failure monitoring
Assignment - common Mains fail, battery low, battery fail
Assignment - per channel Up to 24, (32 if only 8 inputs required)
Assignment - voting configurable using all alarms, fault, and system events
Relay modes energised/de-energised latched/non-latched Time delayed & pulsed
Digital Communications
DCS/PLC/PC Modbus or Profibus RS-485 multi-drop connection for monitoring, and control
Local configuration link Configuration Modbus using RS232 internal connector
Logging Built-in event logger - data available via communication links
Panel indication
Channel number 2 digit green 7-segment LED
Gas reading 4 digit red 7-segment LED
Measurement units ppm, %LEL, %vol, fire
Power Greed LED on front panel
Battery OK Green LED
Run/hold indication Green LED activates on hold
Channel test mode Flashing amber LED when activated
System fault - integrity watchdog Amber LED
Alarm indication
Audible-internal sounder Piezo
Visual - alarm Individual channel Alarm 1 and 2 (red LED)
Visual - fault (amber LED)
Visual - inhibit Zone inhibit (amber LED)
AC mains 110/120 V & 220/240 V switchable
DC 50-60 Hz
20-30 V
Battery backup 2Ah Internal
Remote Accept/Reset Available from terminals within the panel
Lamp test Via button on front panel
Low Voltage Directive Meets BS EN 61010-1
EMC EN 50270
Operating Temperature -10 to +40C (14 to 104F)
Humidity 0 - 95% non-condensing

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