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Oakton Aneroid Barometer, inches mercury - WD-03316-70

Oakton Aneroid Barometer, inches mercury - WD-03316-70

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    WD-03316-70 Aneroid Barometer, inches mercury by Oakton

    Our high-quality barometers are ideal for measuring impending weather changes

    These barometers accurately measure atmospheric pressure from sea level up to 2000 feet. They also simultaneously monitor temperature with a built-in glass thermometer. Bimetallic temperature compensation preserves pressure reading accuracy at any temperature. They feature an attractive brass case and include a bezel for easy bulk-head mounting.

    • Bimetal element provides temperature compensation for aneroid capsule
    • Needs no batteries or external power
    • Choose from mbar/mm Hg or mbar/inches Hg models

    Barometric Pressure Range 930 to 1070 mbar - both models 
    WD-03316-70: 27.5" to 31.6 " 
    WD-03316-72: 698 to 802 mmHg
    Barometric Pressure Resolution 1 mbar - both models 
    WD-03316-70: 0.1 "Hg 
    WD-03316-72: 1 mmHg
    Barometric Pressure Accuracy ±1 mbar - both models 
    WD-03316-70: ±0.03 "Hg 
    WD-03316-72: ±1mm Hg
    Temperature Range WD-03316-70: 22 to 132 °F and -5 to 55°C
    WD-03316-72: -5 to 55°C
    Temperature Resolution WD-03316-70: 2°F or 1°C 
    WD-03316-72: 1°C
    Temperature Accuracy WD-03316-70: ±1.8°F or ±1°C 
    WD-03316-72: ±1°C
    Power none required
    Dimensions 6.1" dia x 2"D (15.6 cm dia x 5.1 cm D)
    Shipping weight 3 lbs (1.4 kg)

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