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Wohler GS300 Gas Sniffer - 7707

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Wohler GS300 Gas Sniffer - 7707
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7707 GS300 Gas Sniffer by Wohler

The Wohler Gas Sniffer is a quick and highly sensitive measurement instrument for tightness control and leakage detection of gas tubes that contain combustible gases. Wohler delivers German technology for accurate and high-quality results. The Gas Sniffer notifies via vibration and acoustic signals in order to highlight also small leaks. The display shows a bar graph in order to present the current gas concentration proportionally. Here, the Gas Sniffer classifies the gas concentration level into one of twelve levels between 0 and 1200 ppm.

This tiny Gas Sniffer is the perfect all-round tool for controlling installations which contain liquefied or natural gas. The measurement results are reliable and professional and can thus be used by professionals in further processes. Craftsmen and industrial choose the right tool with this gas sniffer for inspecting gas tubes.

The Gas Sniffer comes with a short reaction time and an integrated flash light. The type of gas for measurement can be chosen. Due to its design it lies perfect in one's hand.

The Gas Sniffer enables its users to monitor industrial plants such as chemical plants or those in need for a high heat consumption using tubes with combustible gases. Craftsmen can use the Wohler GS 300 Gas Sniffer in order to inspect private properties and to make sure that home installations work properly and that there is no danger for occupants.

  • Acoustic signal and vibration alarm to display even the smallest leaks
  • Display of gas concentration via bar graph in twelve levels from 0 1,200 ppm
  • Perfect tool to control natural gas, as well as liquefied gas installations
  • Additional LED lighting turns on automatically in dark places, to search for leaks in hard to reach spots (flashlight function)

Additonal Information

  • Wohler GS 300 Gas Sniffer
  • 17" gooseneck probe
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Carrying case
Sensitivity Methane: 0...1,200 ppm
Propane: 0...1,200 ppm
Sensor: Semiconductor
Alarm Function: interrupted beeping sound
Warm-up time: approx. 60 sec.
Response time: approx. 10 sec.
Environmental Conditions Operating Temperature: 23...113 °F
Storage Temperature: -4...113 °F
Rel. Humidity: <85 %
Auto-off Function after 20 min.
LC- Display 1.2" x 2"
Flashlight 2 LEDs
Connections headphone and power supply unit
Power Supply 4 Mignon-cells AA
Current consumption approx. 100 mA
Dimensions 2.17" x 7.48" x 1.58"
Weight 0.75 lbs

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