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GfG GMA 41B (4100) Single Channel Replacement Controller - 2041001

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GfG GMA 41B (4100) Single Channel Replacement Controller - 2041001
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GfG GMA 41B (4100) Single Channel Replacement Controller - 2041001

GfG GMA 41B (4100) Single Channel Replacement Controller - 2041001


2041001 GMA 41B Single Channel Controller, with Digital LED Display, External Reset Connection and Linear 4-20 mA Output by GfG

Gas Monitoring Controllers

The GMA 41 one-channel controller and the GMA 44 4-channel controller are an integral part of safe and reliable gas warning systems.

Alarm points

Every alarm can be adjusted separately. False alarms are eliminated with the adjustable alarm delay. The point values can be freely adjusted within the detection range. They can also be adjusted later with the control keys to adapt to changing requirements. Every point value can be selected to be latching / non-latching or resettable / non-resettable.

Alarm relays

Every controller provides four voltage-free relays for the three alarms and the fault warning. The relays may be used to control external alarm devices like lights or horns. They can even introduce specific counter measures to prevent or limit dangers from gases or vapors.


  • Single or four channel controller
  • Easy mounting on DIN-rail
  • Multiple alarm points with relays

Additional features

The GMA 41 and GMA 44 store minimum or peak values, depending on the type of gas being detected. Even immediately following an alarm, gas dangers can be accurately detected.

The GMA (variant B) offers an integrated BUS-system. The BUS-system supplies power from one source to all connected GMAs. The BUS-system also connects individual controller alarms together so that, with the use of the key-operated switch, all connected monitors have one collective alarm. Several GMAs can be connected easily without additional wiring.

Gases Depending on transmitter:
combustible / explosive
Toxic gases and vapors
Detection Range Depending on requirements: % LEL, volume %, ppm, mg/m3
Tempreture Range 32 to 131°F (0 to 55°C)
Response Time T90 less than 3 seconds
Power Source 24 VDC
Power Consumption Maximum 150mA at 24 VDC
Input Signal 0.2 to 1 mA or 4 to 20 mA
Output Signal Linear 4 to 20 mA (GMA 41)
Alarms 3 alarm points
Freely adajustable within the detection range
Alarm Functions Exceeding / descending
Latching / non-latching
Re-settable / non-re-settable
Hysteresls adjustable
Delay-time 0 to 2 minutes
Alarm thresholds completely adjustable
Relay Outputs 4 Voltage-free relays for alarm and fault
Normally closed contact (NC)
Normally open contact (NO)
Display 3-digit LED display
1 LED green - operational status
1 LED yellow - fault
3 LED's red - alarm
Display of maximum / minimum values
Function Keys Push-button operation for all functions, like alarm points, calibration, function test, and relay test
Models GMA 41B / GMA 44B
Power supply 24 v with BUS-system
Key-Operated Switch GMA 41 / GMA 44 (24 V)
Power Supply Module Available on request
Dimensions 3.6x4.24x2.32 Inches (90x106x58 mm) (HxWxD)

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