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Modern Water EnviroGard PCB 12T Soil Test Kit - 7020301

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Modern Water
Modern Water EnviroGard PCB 12T Soil Test Kit - 7020301
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Modern Water EnviroGard PCB 12T Soil Test Kit - 7020301

Modern Water EnviroGard PCB 12T Soil Test Kit - 7020301


7020301 PCB EnviroGard 12T Soil Test Kit by Modern Water

Envirogard® is a rapid field enzyme immunoassay method for the analysis of soil remediation, assessment and industrial testing. It uses a coated tube technology to detect the analyte of concern.


  • Convenient and rapid testing in the field or labatory
  • Tests up to 10 samples at once
  • Two detection levels of your choice are provided with each sample
  • High level of accuracy
  • EPA SW-846 Method #4020

Test result type

  • Semi-quantitative or qualitative data
  • Knowledge of specific aroclor(s) present will aid accuracy

Samples per kit

  • Dependent on batch size and number of detection levels
  • Each sample can be tested one at a time or in batches of two to ten samples

Assay range

  • Soil: 0.5 ppm to 500 ppm with dilutions
  • Wipes: 5.0 ug/100cm2 to 5000 ug/100cm2 with dilutions

Sample preparation

  • Soil samples require prior extraction using the sample extraction kit (sold separately)
  • The sample extraction kit provides materials for 12 soil sample extractions with methanol

Sampling time

  • Approximately two minutes per sample plus assay run time of approximately 30 minutes

Basic Test Procedure

  • Transfer soil or wipe to extraction jar
  • Cap and shake for one minute
  • Filter extracted sample
  • Pipette and dilute samples with dilution ampule
  • Transfer 1 ml of buffer to glass buffer tubes
  • Pipette and transfer sample to buffer tubes
  • Fit antibody coated tubes on buffer tubes; invert and mix;return to antibody coated tube
  • Incubate for 10 minutes
  • Connect antibody coated and conjugate tubes; invert and mix, return to antibody coated tube
  • Incubate five minutes
  • Wash antibody coated tubes vigorously four times
  • Using a repeater pipette at setting two and 5 mL tip,transfer 200 uL substrateA to each tube
  • Add 200 uL substrate B to each tube and mix
  • Inclubate for 2.5 minutes
  • Add 200 uL STOP to each tube
  • Read tubes in photometer.Record data

Test kit components

  • 48 antibody coated tubes and PCB enzyme conjugate vials
  • 48 glass buffer tubes
  • Substrate and stop solution reagents
  • PCB standard
  • Pipette tips and bulb pipettes
  • Buffer
  • Amber vials
  • Wash solution
  • 12 ampule crackers

Storage & precautions

  • Shelf life is typically one year from date of manufacture, with specific kit expiration date information provided on product packaging.
  • Store at ambient temperature 64° to 81°F (18° to 27°C)
  • Kits must be brought to 64° to 81°F (18° to 27°C) before use
  • Do not freeze test kit components

Required test materials

  • PCB EnviroGard 12T accessory kit (6050400)
  • PCB EnviroGard 12T accessory kit rental (Includes all equipment required to operate test and interpret results)(6997020)

Required test equipment

  • PCB EnviroGard 12T soil test kit (7020301)
  • PCB soil sample extraction kit (7020301EB)
  • EnviroGard PCB wipe sample extraction kit (7020301WA)

Other recommended materials

  • Absorbent paper
  • Liquid waste container
  • Disposable gloves
  • Marker pen
  • Liquid and solid waste containers
Compound Soil (PPM) Wipe (ug/100cm2)
Aroclor 1260 0.5 5.0
Aroclor 1254 0.5 5.0
Aroclor 1248 1.0 10.0
Aroclor 1242 2.0 20.0
Aroclor 1232 4.0 40.0
Aroclor 1016 4.0 40.0

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