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Modern Water EnviroGard Triazine Test Kit - 7210000

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Modern Water
Modern Water EnviroGard Triazine Test Kit - 7210000
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Modern Water EnviroGard Triazine Test Kit - 7210000

Modern Water EnviroGard Triazine Test Kit - 7210000


7210000 EnviroGard Triazine Test Kit by Modern Water

Envirogard® is a rapid field enzyme immunoassay method for the analysis of water. It uses a coated tube technology to detect the analyte of concern.


  • The first environmental immunoassay format to be made commercially available
  • Broad screen for the triazine family of herbicides including atrazine
  • Rapid field method for the analysis of drinking and environmental water samples
  • Test up to six tubes at once
  • Coated tube immunoassay

Test result type

  • Qualitative and Semi-quantitative data

Samples per kit

  • 20 tube test kit (tests up to 12 samples)

Assay range

  • 0.1 ppb to 1.0 ppb
  • LDD = 0.053 ppb (atrazine)

Sample methods

  • Water and a variety of other matrices

Sampling time

  • Sample-to-data in approximately 10 minutes


The EnviroGard® Triazine Test Kit does not differentiate between atrazine and closely related compounds, but detects their presence to differing degrees. The chart below shows the approximate Lower Limits of Detection (LDD) for the cross-reacting compounds.

Basic Test Procedure

  • Add 160 uL of calibrator, negative control or sample to the tube
  • Add four drops of enzyme conjugate
  • Incubate for five minutes
  • Decant and wash four times
  • Add four drops of substrate and chromogen
  • Incubate for two minutes
  • Add one drop of stop solution
  • Read on photometer

Test kit components

  • 20 antibody-coated test tubes
  • One vial of negative control
  • One vial of atrazine-enzyme conjugate
  • One vial of 0.1 ppb atrazine calibrator
  • One vial of 1.0 ppb atrazine calibrator
  • One vial each substrate and chromagen
  • One vial stop solution
  • One test tube rack

Storage & precautions

  • Shelf life is typically one year from date of manufacture, with specific kit expiration date information provided on product packaging
  • Reagents must be stored at 39° to 46°F (4° to 8°C) when not in use
  • Store at ambient temperature 64° to 81°F (18° to 27°C) is acceptable for day of use for up to 8 hours
  • Kits must be brought to 64° to 81°F (18° to 27°C) before use
  • Do not expose colour solution to direct sunlight

Required test materials

  • Triazine EnviroGard® test kit (7210000)

Required test equipment

  • Disposable-tip pipette which will measure 160 uL
  • Timer
  • Glass tubes or vials for calibrator preparation
  • Tap or distilled water for rinsing tubes
  • Marker pen
  • Pipette that will measure 0.5mL

Other recommended materials

  • Calculator
  • Spectrophotometer
Compound LLD
Atrazine 0.053
Ametryn 0.063
Propazine 0.001
Prometryn 0.076
Prometon 0.044
Simazine 0.317
Terbuthylazine 0.010
Simetryn 0.037
De-ethyl Atrazine 0.017
Cyanazine 0.994
2-Hydroxy Atrazine 0.120
De-isopropyl Atrazine 2.31
Trietazine 0.240

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