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BW Technologies BW Solo Single-Gas Detector, (ClO2) Standard - Yellow

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BW Technologies
BW Technologies BW Solo Single-Gas Detector, (ClO2) Standard - Yellow
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BW Technologies BW Solo Single-Gas Detector, (ClO2) Standard - Yellow

BW Technologies BW Solo Single-Gas Detector, (ClO2) Standard - Yellow


Cutting Edge portable detector for single-gas.


Offering a full range of sensor options, easy operation, and convenient service.

The next-generation of gas detector to replace the ToxiPro® and the GasAlert Extreme, the Honeywell BW™ Solo offers all the standard options and additional features to:

  • Protect workers
  • Ensure wireless and connected options
  • Increase compliance with ease of use
  • Lower the cost of maintenance and ownership


Optimized for hazardous environments

Lightweight and streamlined, the small size of the Honeywell BW™ Solo makes it ideal for workers to use in any location.

Simplification of single-gas detection combined with low cost and long life

Replacing the sensor, a sensor filter, or a battery is easy with the Honeywell BW™ Solo. Just pop open the door on the detector and complete the necessary change, all without the need for special tools or equipment.

Full sensor range for gases of all types

In any type of industry, including production and manufacturing, petrochemical, or in power plants, the Honeywell BW™ Solo offers a sensor solution. This includes the ability to test for:

  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Phosphine (PH3)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
  • Hydrogen (H2)
  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Chlorine (Cl2)
  • Chlorine dioxide (ClO2)
  • Nitrogen oxide (NO)
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Hydrogen cyanide (HCN)
  • Ozone (O3)
  • Ethylene oxide (ETO)


Featuring the 1-Series sensor, this single-gas detector has higher accuracy, lower cost of ownership, and increased safety for workers.

For commonly monitored single gases, the 1-Series sensor provides fast response, a long life cycle, and reliable performance you can count on.

Most fast response gas types available.

Currently, the 1-Series sensor provides rapid responses for the testing of CO, O2, and H2S, with increased capacity on the way. The sensor itself has a square design, which allows for more rapid gas diffusion and faster readings. The sensor is also about a third the height of other sensors, allowing a lighter and more streamlined detector design.

Exceptional warranty and sensor life.

Offering a three-year warranty and up to 5-years of sensor life with typical gas exposure, the 1-Series sensor has a low cost of ownership. In addition, decreased downtime and long sensor life make them a practical addition to your fleet.

The 1-Series sensor is developed by City Technology.

City Technology is a Honeywell company and developed both the 40VX and the 40xLL oxygen sensors used in the Honeywell BW detector. With forty plus years of sensor development expertise, this company is known for reliable sensors and quality products.

No more false alarm issues.

The 1-Series sensor provides highly accurate readings in the most demanding types of environments. This includes temperatures of -40°C to 60°C with or without factors such as transient pressure and high humidity levels.

Fast switch-out of the sensor.

Replacing a sensor has never been easier or safer. Simply take out the old sensor and put in the new, no need to expose the printed circuit board or internal components.

Offering the benefit and time saving of centralized data and automation for fleet management.

The Honeywell BW™ Solo is designed to be used with the IntelliDox and the Honeywell SafetySuite Device Configurator software for maximum flexibility and versatility.

The IntelliDox advantage

The IntelliDox dock allows the Honeywell BW™ Solo to simply be put in place for automated transfer of data from test results and the completion of selected actions. These actions can include calibration, bump testing, setting bump reminders, changing alarm set points, or even completing a firmware update.  Through fleet management software and a USB or Ethernet connection, peak readings, alarms, and other data are automatically transferred to a computer.

Need to have options and capacity? The IntelliDox can be grouped up to five docks, each with its own pump, keypad and LCD screen. This allows independent operation while sharing both calibration gas as well as power.

Centralize compliance monitoring with Device Configurator

Device Configurator is Windows-based, which allows this software to operate on any Windows computer. It will enable the user to view, update firmware, set alarm points, and so much more. Boost productivity, compliance, and safety across the organization.

Increased access with cloud-based software

For a greater range of features and increased access to data, choose the Honeywell SafetySuite Device Manager cloud-based subscription. This provides you with:

  • An easy to use and see dashboard to immediately verify compliance or know when and where alarms occur.
  • Reporting options for your needs.
  • Centralized storage of data needed for investigations and audits.
  • Real-time notification of alarms by text or email.
  • Enhanced compliance features.


Increase ease of operation through smartphone detector management.

The Honeywell BW™ Solo offers a wireless option that is compatible with the Honeywell Connected Worker portfolio for increased productivity, safety, and compliance.

An app for all tasks.

The Device Configurator app can be used once the Honeywell BW™ Solo is paired with the smartphone. The app provides full control of the detector, including firmware upgrades and detector setup and configuration. Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), these actions can be done at up to 6 meters away, including data verification.

No docking station required.

For any company, the ability to wirelessly share the detector's gas data from the Honeywell BW™ Solo through to the computer using BLE makes it easy to manage the fleet, all without the need for docking stations.

Enhancing worker safety from remote locations.

To see data without the need for the Honeywell BW™ Solo to be docked is critical for worker safety. The use of the Honeywell Safety Communicator app sends data to the Honeywell monitoring software, which allows access from your internet-connected device in real-time from any location.

Compliance you can trust for workers and safety managers.


Operation in any location

The Honeywell BW™ Solo can be controlled by the Honeywell SafetySuite Device Configurator software, or it can be manually controlled with one-button operation. This is easy to do even when wearing gloves, which leads to increased use and greater compliance. It also provides measurements for time-weighted average (TWA), short-term exposure limits (STEL), and 24-hour high gas concentration readings.

Options to check for compliance

The Honeywell BW™ Solo allows the option to see the IntelliFlash™ to show the detector is in compliance. Flashing green lights are positive for compliance, showing the detector has been bump tested and is correctly monitoring.

It is also possible to check for noncompliance. This setting will flash red if the detector requires a bump test, needs calibration, has experienced a gas event, or if the battery is low.

Having both options to choose makes it more effective for your specific workplace and procedures.

Visual and auditory alarms

To clearly display a gas event, the Honeywell BW™ Solo will vibrate as well as produce a loud, audible alarm. The detector also has a ring of LED red lights, a clear visual of an alarm in noisy spaces.

Designed to be practical and effective.


Tracking detectors and workers

Assigning detector to specific locations or workers makes it easy to locate where the detector is and who is using it in a gas event.

Peak readings over a rolling 24-hours

To determine the highest gas readings over a rolling 24-hour period provides for early detection of problems before a gas event occurs. This helps to prevent alarms and keeps the workplace safer.

Language options in the display

The easy-to-read display screen can be configured to provide information in major languages for use in any location around the world.

Part Number: BWS-V-Y

Technical Specifications:
SIZE 2.7 x 2.6 x 1.4 in. / 7.0 x 6.7x 3.6 cm (1-Series sensor models)
2.7 x 2.6 x 1.6 in. / 7.0 x 6.7x 4.1 cm (4-Series sensor models)
WEIGHT 3.6 to 4.1 oz. / 103 to 116 g, depending on installed sensor
HUMIDITY 0% - 95% RH (non-condensing)
ALARMS AND TYPE Visual, vibrating, audible (95 dB); Low, High, TWA, STEL, non-compliance
SELF-TEST Sensor integrity, circuitry, battery and audible/visual alarms on activation; battery (continuous)
TYPICAL BATTERY LIFE 12 months (6 months for 1-Series O2)
CONNECTED WORKER • Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE) - Ability to connect to Honeywell’s Safety Communicator App
USER OPTIONS • Reset TWA, STEL and Peak readings
• Change High, Low, TWA and STEL alarm setpoints
• Latching alarms
• Enable IntelliFlash and non-compliance indicators
• Set calibration and/or bump test reminders
• Assign worker and location assignments
• Language select: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch (Honeywell BW™ Solo Lite*: English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean only)
WARRANTY 3 years for 1-Series detectors and sensors (H2S, CO, O2)
2 years for 4-Series detectors and sensors (1 year for NH3, Cl2, O3, ETO, ClO2 sensors)

Sensor Specifications
H2S (1S)
0-200 ppm
0.1 ppm
-40 to +140°F / -40 to +60°C
CO (1S)
0-2000 ppm
1 ppm
-40 to +140°F / -40 to +60°C
O2 (1S)
0-30% v/v
0.1% v/v
-40 to +140°F / -40 to +60°C
CL2 (4S)
0-50 ppm
0.1 ppm
-4 to +104°F / -20 to +40° C
CLO2 (4S)
0-1 ppm
0.01 ppm
-4 to +104°F / -20 to +40° C
CO-H (4S)
0-2000 ppm
0.5 ppm
-22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C
ETO (4S)
0-100 ppm
0.1 ppm
-22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C
H2 (4S)
0-1000 ppm
2 ppm
-4 to +122°F / -20 to +50°
0-500 ppm
0.1 ppm
-40 to +122°F / -40 to +50°C
HCN (4S)
0-100 ppm
0.1 ppm
-22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C
NH3 (4S)
0-100 ppm
1 ppm
-4 to +104°F / -20 to +40°
0-1000 ppm
1 ppm
-4 to +104°F / -20 to +40°
NO (4S)
0-250 ppm
0.2 ppm
-22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C
NO2 (4S)
0-100 ppm
0.1 ppm
-4 to +122°F / -20 to +50°
O3 (4S)
0-1 ppm
0.01 ppm
-22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C
PH3 (4S)
0-5 ppm
0.1 ppm
-4 to +122°F / -20 to +50°
SO2 (4S)
0-100 ppm
0.1 ppm
-22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C
H2S (4S)*
0-100 ppm
0.1 ppm
-40 to +140°F / -20 to +50°C
CO (4S)*
0-1000 ppm
1 ppm
-40 to +140°F / -20 to +50°C
O2 (4S)*
0-30% v/v
0.1% v/v
-40 to +140°F / -20 to +50°C
1S = 1-Series sensor / 4S = 4-Series sensor
*Honeywell BW™ Solo Lite only (not available in North America).

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