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Discontinued BW Technologies Gas Monitors

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    Discontinued BW Technologies Gas Monitors

    BW Technologies has been in business for over 20 years. As their research and development team uncovers new technologies and implements new designs with modern features, their former models are slowly discontinued. Although these models are discontinued, they may still be found on the market. If you or your worksite relies on a discontinued BW Technologies Gas Monitor, you may want to consider purchasing the devices in bulk before the supply is depleted. By continuing to use the discontinued monitors, you could save costs to your workplace.

    Save time and money with a discontinued gas monitor

    Continuing to use these discontinued models means that you can delay training costs for users that would need to relearn new equipment. You could also save costs on discontinued products that are offered at a lower price than newer models. In essence, you could save a bundle of money by continuing to use a product that your worksite has previously relied on.

    Discontinued BW Technologies Gas Monitor products

    Some of the discontinued BW Technologies Gas Monitors include

  1. BW Technologies Gas Alert Micro
  2. BW Technologies Gas Alert Max Multi-Gas Monitor with Built In Pump
  3. Gas Alert Micro Clip
  4. Gas Alert Micro
  5. Gas Alert Max and Accessories
  6. GasPoint
  7. CR400
  8. Fixed Accessories
  9. What to consider when making a purchase

    When purchasing a discontinued BW Technologies gas monitor, you should take several factors into consideration. First, consider why the product was discontinued. Is the technology outdated? Were new features implemented? Was the demand too low for the product? Next, consider what your individual and specific worksite needs are. This may include budgetary constraints, environmental conditions, training requirements, sensory impairments, and more. Then, compare your needs to the discontinued gas monitor. In the end, choose a product that is most in line with your specific needs. When conducting product research, remember to review the product datasheets.