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Delta OHM 24-Column Portable Thermal Printer - HD 40.1

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Delta OHM
Delta OHM 24-Column Portable Thermal Printer - HD 40.1
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Delta OHM 24-Column Portable Thermal Printer - HD 40.1

Delta OHM 24-Column Portable Thermal Printer - HD 40.1


HD 40.1 24-Column Portable Thermal Printer by Delta OHM

The HD40.1 and HD40.2 are lightweight, compact, portable thermal printers.
The HD40.1 is connected to instruments or PC through the RS232 serial input.
The HD40.2 features a dual mode data reception system - RS232 serial and Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth wireless connection makes the HD40.2 printer very useful "in the field", since it does not require any connection to the instrument. A careful design allows you to replace the thermal paper roll in a few seconds. A four NiMH rechargeable battery pack provides power supply and ensures long autonomy: you can print up to 3000 lines at full charge.

  • Standard thermal paper roll width: 57mm.
  • Print resolution: 203 dpi
  • Print characters (each line): 24
  • Protection degree: IP40.
Printing method Thermal
Resolution 203 DPI (8 dot/mm)
Printing width 48mm centered in the paper roll
Paper roll width 57mm ... 58mm
Max. paper roll diameter 32mm
Number of columns 24
Printing speed Up to 90 mm/sec (depending on battery charge and ambient conditions)
Sensors Paper detection
Character set IBM II 858 table
Printing formats Normal or extended
Character font 1 (16 x 24 dot – 2mm x 3mm)
Thermal head durability Mechanism life: 100 million pulses (temperature: 20...25°C)
Abrasion resistance: 50km of paper (temperature: 20...25°C)
Cover group durability: 2000 opening/closing cycles or more
Communication interfaces RS232
Bluetooth (for HD40.2) RS232 Baud rate: 9600, 19200 and 38400 baud (the factory parameter is 38400 baud)
Bluetooth Baud rate: 38400 baud (for HD40.2)
Bluetooth operating distance: Up to 10m without hindrance (for HD40.2)
Mains power supply (cod. SWD10): 100-240Vac/12Vdc-1A mains battery charger
Batteries: Four 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries (NiMH)
Printing autonomy: 3000 lines 24 characters each. It prints one line every 10 seconds
Switch-off function: 0, 5, 10 or 15 minutes
Dimensions: 105mm x 165mm x 53mm
Weight: 380g (with batteries and paper roll)
Material: ABS
Operating conditions Operating temperature: 0°C ... 50°C
Operating relative humidity: 20%RH ... 85%RH not condensing
Storage Temperature / Relative humidity: -25°C ... +70°C / 10%RH ... 90%RH not condensing
Protection degree: IP40
Connections Serial interface: 9-pole D sub male connector
Battery charger power supply (cod. SWD10): 2-pole connector (positive in the middle)

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