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FLIR T420 IR Camera with NIST Calibration - 62103-1101-NIST

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FLIR T420 IR Camera with NIST Calibration - 62103-1101-NIST

FLIR T420 IR Camera with NIST Calibration - 62103-1101-NIST



62103-1101-NIST T420 IR Camera with NIST Calibration by FLIR


  • Superior Thermal Imaging: Sharp thermal resolution at 76,800 pixels for solid accuracy from farther away
  • MSX® Enhancement: Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging adds visible spectrum definition to IR images in real time for excellent thermal detail to help you instantly recognize the problem locations
  • Field of View (FOV) Match: Now you have the option to automatically match the visible camera field of view to the IR FOV for better documentation
  • Compass: Adds camera pointing direction to every image for additional location documentation
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Send images and data to smart phones and tablets (ie. iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® , or Android™) to share images and critical information quickly using FLIR Tools Mobile app
  • Accurate Temperature Measurements: Accuracy calibrated within ± 2°C or ± 2% of reading
  • High Temperature Range: measuring up to 2192°F (1200°C) targeting electrical and industrial applications (T440 model)
  • Scalable P-i-P and Fused Thermal Images: Blend thermal with visible light images on-screen; includes picture-in-picture window sizing
  • Multiple Measurements: Add up to 5 box areas and 5 moveable spots using the touchscreen to gather more detailed information
  • METERLiNK®: Wirelessly transmit vital diagnostic data from clamp and moisture meters directly to the camera for annotating thermal images to further support findings.
  • Annotation: Add voice comments via Bluetooth headset and text notes from the touchscreen keypad; New! T440 has image sketch feature to draw circles and pointers on IR/Visual stored images
  • InstantReport: Create PDF document directly from the camera


  • SD Memory Card
  • 100-260V AC adaptor/charger
  • Two Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
  • 2-bay battery charger
  • Power supply (with multi-plugs)
  • FLIR Tools software
  • USB cable
  • Video cable
  • Sun shield
  • Bluetooth® headset
  • Lens cap
  • Neckstrap
  • Hard case
Features FLIR T420 FLIR T440
Temperature range -4°F to 1202°F (-20°C to 650°C) -4°F to 2192°F (-20°C to 1200°C)
Zoom 4X Continuous 8X Continuous
LCD Image Sketch Draw on stored images right on touchscreen
Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) IR image with enhanced detail presentation IR image with enhanced detail presentation
Measurement Presets Presets for standard measurements
Profile Measurement Analysis Shows a live graph of temperatures across a line on the image
Common Features
Frame Rate 60Hz
Field of view/Minimum focus distance/FOV Match 25° x 19° / 1.31ft (0.4m) / Field of View Match where Digital Image FOV adapts to the IR lens
Focus Manual/Automatic
Thermal sensitivity (N.E.T.D) <0.045°C at 30°C
Detector Type - Focal plane array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer 320 x 240 pixels
Spectral range 7.5 to 13µm
Compass Adds camera pointing direction to each image
Display Built-in touch-screen 3.5" color LCD
Image modes Thermal/Visual/Fused thermal image/P-i-P/MSX (Resizable and movable) and Thumbnail Gallery
Image Storage 1000 radiometric JPEG images (SD card memory)
Image annotation Voice (60 sec); text comments, Sketch, image markers on IR
Periodic image storage 7 seconds to 24 hours (IR) and 14 seconds to 24 hours(IR and visual)
Lens 25° (optional 6°, 15°, 45°, 90°, Close up 100, 50µm lenses available)
Video Lamp Bright LED lamp
Laser Classification/Type Class 2/Semiconductor AlGalnP Diode Laser: 1mW/635nm (red)
Set-up controls Mode selector, color palettes, configure info to be shown in image, local adaptation of units, language, date and time formats, and image gallery
Measurement modes 5 Spotmeters, 5 Box areas, Isotherm, Auto hot/cold spot, Delta T
Measurement correction Reflected ambient temperature & emissivity correction
Video Recording in Camera and Video Streaming Non-radiometric IR-video recording (MPEG-4 to memory card), Radiometric IR-video streaming (Full dynamic to PC using USB or Wi-Fi), and Non-radiometric IR-video streaming (MPEG-4 using Wi-Fi and uncompressed colorized video using USB)
Instant Report Create a Thermographic Inspection report directly in the camera
Battery Type/operating time Li-lon/ >4 hours, Display shows battery status
Charging system In camera AC adapter/2 bay charging system
Shock / Vibration 25G, IEC 60068-2-29 / 2G, IEC 60068-2-6
Dimensions/Weight 4.2x7.9x4.9" (106x201x125mm)/1.94lbs (0.88kg), including battery
2-5-10 Warranty When the camera is registered within 60 days: 2 years on Parts/Labor for the Camera; 5 years of Coverage on Batteries; 10 years of Protection on the IR Detector

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