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Sensorex Toroidal Conductivity Transmitter with Display - EX2000RS

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Sensorex Toroidal Conductivity Transmitter with Display - EX2000RS

Sensorex Toroidal Conductivity Transmitter with Display - EX2000RS


EX2000RS Toroidal Conductivity Transmitter with Display by Sensorex

The Sensorex EX2000RS is a toroidal conductivity transmitter with an RS-485 serial interface (MODBUS RTU or ASCIl) for use with the TCS3020 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor. Large LCD screen with brilliant illumination graphically displays up to four weeks of conductivity and concentration measurements, plus allows you to see how your measurements are trending in real-time. Records up to 50 records of important events and diagnostic error readings. Easy installation with versatile mounting options for wall or panel mount.

Applications in Wastewater, Cooling Towers, Brine, Desalination, Wet Scrubbers, Chemical Processing, and any other high conductivity scenario where a rugged, nonfouling conductivity monitoring system with minimal maintanence requirements is desirable.

  • Compatible with TCS3020 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor
  • Monitors Conductivity, TDS, Concentration, and Salinity
  • RS-485 Serial Interface (MODBUS RTU or ASCII)
  • Versatile mounting options (wall or panel)
Temperature Compensation NTC-30K/PT-1000 Auto or Manual adjustment
Calibration Mode (1) Manual cell constant adjustment
(2) Standard solution calibration
(3) Zero-point calibration
Temperature Coeffecient Linear temperature compensation from 0.00%~40.0%, non-linear compensation, off compensation
Operating Temperature 0~50°C
Storage Temperature -20~70°C
Analog Output 1 Isolated DC 0/4-20mA corresponding to main measurement, max load 500Ω
Serial Interface RS-485 (MODBUS RTU or ASCII)
Modbus Communication Measuring value, calibration data, product adjustment, logbook, parameter readout, selection
Logbook 50 event records
Display LCM with auto/manual illumination, text mode (numerical display), chart mode (3 min realtime dynamic graph for cond and concentration), trace mode (3 min4 weeks of measured value trend graph for cond and concentration)
Power Supply 100~240VAC ±10, 50/60Hz, 7W max
Installation Wall or Panel Mount
Case IP65 (NEMA 4X)
Dimensions 3.8" (96mm) x 3.8" (96mm) x 5.2" (132mm); 1/4 DIN
Cutout Dimensions 3.66" (93mm) x 3.66" (93mm)
Setting Contact: 240VAC, 0.5A max (recommended)
Activate: Hi/Lo, Hi/Hi, Lo/Lo selectable two limited programmable, ON/OFF
Wash Contact: 240VAC, 0.5A max (recommended)
Time: ON: 0~99min.59sec / OFF: 0~999 hours.59 min
Weight 1.1lb (0.5kg)

Parameter Range Resolution Accuracy
TDS 0 ppm~19999 ppm;
0.00~199.9 ppt
- -
Salinity 0.0 ppt~70.0 ppt - -
  Compound Range Resolution
Concentration NaCl 0~28% 0.01%
  HCl 0~18%
  HNO3 0~30%
  NaOH 0~24%
  H2 SO4 0~37%
  H3 PO4 0~35% 0.01%

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