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TPI 712 Combustion Efficiency Analyzer Kit - 712A740C1

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Test Products International
TPI 712 Combustion Efficiency Analyzer Kit - 712A740C1
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TPI 712 Combustion Efficiency Analyzer Kit - 712A740C1

TPI 712 Combustion Efficiency Analyzer Kit - 712A740C1


712A740C1 712 Combustion Efficiency Analyzer Kit by Test Products International

712 Features

  • Fast purge & fuel selection during start up
  • Work on high efficiency furnaces and oil
  • Measure CO, O2; and calculate efficiency, CO2, excess air and CO air free
  • Dual input temperature
  • Dual input pressure with 0.001 inches water resolution for high efficiency & oil
  • Optional A767 adapter for PC interface

A740 Features

  • Easy to use
  • Battery operated
  • Self test facility
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Manual paper feed
  • Maximum transmitting distance 16"(45cm)


Use the A773 when working on oil fired appliances to extend the life of your sensors by eliminating acid gas exposure to your analyzer

712 Specifications:
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Measurement Range: 0 to 10,000 ppm
Resolution: 1 ppm
Accuracy: ±5ppm or 5% of reading whichever is greater
Oxygen (02) Measurement Range: 0 to 25%
Resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: ±0.3%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Range: 0 to 25%
Resolution: 0.1%
Calculated Value
Nitric Oxide Measurement N/A
NOX Measurement N/A
Temperature Measurement Range: -40 to 1472°F, or -40 to 800°C
Resolution: 1°F or °C
Accuracy (K-type): ±0.3%, ±2°F or ±1°C
Draft/Pressure Measurement Selectable Ranges: mBar,kPa, and inH2O
Ranges: -150 mBar to +150 mBar -15 kPa to +15 kPa -60 inH2O to +60 in H20
Resolution: 0.001 inH2O
Accuracy: ±0/5% fsd
Gross/Net Efficiency Range: 0 to 100%
Resolution: 0.1%
Calculated Value
CO/CO2 Ratio Range: 0 to 0.999
Resolution: 0.001
Calculated Value
Combustible Gas Level Indication Yes (For flue gasses)
Operating Temperature 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
Battery Type Rechargeable Batteries
Selectable Fuels Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Bituminous Coal, Anthracite Coal, Coke, Butane, Wood, Bagasse
Display Type Backlit 3 line LCD
Data Storage 50 Locations
Data Logging Yes (5 Pages)
Print Capability Yes, via optional IR printer (A740)
PC Communication Yes via optional IR adapter (A767)
Date and Time Function 24 Hour Real Time Clock
Dimensions 200mm x 90mm x 60mm
Weight 500g
Conformity BS7927 (and the draft BS7967)

A740 Specifications:
Maximum Transmitting Distance 18 inches (45cm)
Maximum Horizontal Receiving Angle ±30°
Vertical Receiving Angle -10° to + 20°
Battery Power 4 x 1.5V Alkaline battery
Adapter DC 7V / 1500mA, 50Hz, 240V (CE)
DC 9V / 1A, 60Hz, 120V (CUL)
Paper A746
Operating Temperature 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Operating Humidity 5% to 80% RH
Storage Temperature 14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C)

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