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Sensorex S8100-ORP/10/TL Submersion Process ORP Sensor Kit

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Sensorex S8100-ORP/10/TL Submersion Process ORP Sensor Kit

Sensorex S8100-ORP/10/TL Submersion Process ORP Sensor Kit


S8100-ORP/10/TL Submersion Process ORP Sensor Kit by Sensorex

The S8000 series flat surface self-cleaning electrode platform is designed for versatility and flexibility. You purchase only the components that you need and can adapt what you have to changing interface or application requirements.

The pH and ORP sensors provide reliable performance in demanding applications, including pressurized applications, by utilizing Sensorex's proven flat surface technology. Liquid flow naturally cleans the flat sensor surface, reducing maintenance and downtime. When the sensors need to be replaced, install a replacement cartridge in seconds with no tools or rewiring required. For applications involving heavy metals, proteins, silver, or sulfides, Sensorex's ERP technology provides a complex path that protects the reference cell and prevents contamination. Heavy duty high temperature reference gels offer protection against thermal breakdown, while a PPS body allows for durability in a range of chemical environments.

For applications that require more than a direct electrode output, plug-in electronic modules are available. Caps/cables are stocked and ready to ship in two standard lengths, 10 feet and 20 feet. Special cable lengths are also available.


  • Customizable packages reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reliable performance in demanding applications
  • Configuarable for in-line or submersion use
  • Self-cleaning, flat surface design
  • Perfect for pressurized applications
pH Range 0 - 14pH (0-12.3pH with low Na+ ion error)
Temperature Range 0-100°C, de-rated under pressure
0-80°C when mounted in flow cell
70°C with submerged electronic module
Pressure Range 0-100 psig (7.5 Bar), de-rated under temperature
Reference Type Double Junction, Sensorex ERP System

Optional Model Specifications:
ORP Redox Electrode -2000mV to +2000mV
HF Resistant pH Electrode 0-12pH, 0-50°C, <2% HF by volume
Low Ionic Models For solutions of <100uS/cm conductivity
EM802-pH 0-14pH = 4-20mA
EM802-ORP -1000 to +1000mV = 4-20mA

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