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Sensorex SD7500CD Universal Differential pH Probe

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Sensorex SD7500CD Universal Differential pH Probe
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Sensorex SD7500CD Universal Differential pH Probe

Sensorex SD7500CD Universal Differential pH Probe


SD7500CD Universal Differential pH Probe by Sensorex

Differential sensors have longer working lifetimes

The differential design employs two glass electrodes, which record pH or ORP measurements differentially with respect to a third metal electrode. The reference cell of a differential sensor is actually a measuring electrode in a concentrated pH 7.0 buffer solution rather than a traditional silver/silver chloride reference. This type of reference cell resists contamination by the sample, improving measurement accuracy and extending sensor lifetime.

Save time and money with quick and easy maintenance

With differential technology, you won't have to replace the entire sensor after just a few months. Simply replace the salt bridge and refill the reference solution to keep your electrode working longer.

Don't want to replace your existing transmitter or controller?

These differential sensors employ a self-powered preamplifier, providing a combination sensor output for deployment flexibility with various transmitters and controllers.

Reliable performance in variable operating conditions

The differential design provides unsurpassed accuracy by virtually eliminating ground loops. Automatic temperature compensation ensures measurement accuracy in environments with rapid temperature changes. Durable Ryton® PPS body construction for extensive chemical compatibility.


  • Employs differential measurement technique
  • Buffered reference cell solution resists contamination
  • Complete encapsulation protects internal electronics
  • Superior accuracy through elimination of ground loops
  • Chemically-resistant Ryton® PPS body
  • Two year limited warranty
pH Measurement Range: 0 to 14
ORP Measurement Range: -2000mV to 2000mV
pH Stability: 0.03 pH per 24 hours, non-cumulative
Wetted Materials: PPS body and salt bridge, PVDF & ceramic junction, Viton o-rings, titanium solution ground, pH glass or ORP - platinum band
Transmission Distance: 3000ft (914m)
Temperature Compensation: PT1000 RTD
Temperature Range: 0-85°C (32-185°F)
Pressure Maximum: 100psig @ 40°C (104°F)- for PVC tee/ fitting 100psig @ 60°C (140°F)- for CPVC tee/fitting 100psig @ 85°C (185°F)- for stainless steel tee/fitting
Flow Rate: 10ft/sec maximum (3 meters/sec)
Sensor Cable: 5 conductor plus shield, 22AWG, 20ft (6.1m)

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