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Sensorex Insertion Assembly - PT1, 10ft, BNC/SL - S675TC/P1K/10/BNC/SL

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Sensorex Insertion Assembly - PT1, 10ft, BNC/SL - S675TC/P1K/10/BNC/SL

Sensorex Insertion Assembly - PT1, 10ft, BNC/SL - S675TC/P1K/10/BNC/SL


S675TC/P1K/10/BNC/SL Insertion Assembly - PT1, 10ft, BNC/SL by Sensorex

Without the need for system shutdown for electrode maintenance, the insertion assembly allows pH measurements to be made in pressurized tanks and main lines. The assembly's adjustable insertion depth allows it to be placed in a turbulent flow region, enabling it to operate in the selfcleaning mode.

In abrasive applications, the electrode is best positioned flush with the pipe wall or tank wall. High suspended solids and viscous liquid pH measurements are simple with the insertion assembly and electrode pair. The specially designed internal makes the electrode mountable in virtually any direction, including inverted. A 1" full-port ball-valve (Sensorex BV-1) is recommended for installation.

New part number S656CD has four protective pads to reduce pH glass breakage. The S656CD replaces the 970283 which is now obsolete. In addition to the protective pad feature, the S656CD also includes our high performance acrylamide gel that provides longer life in many applications.

  • Quick disconnect design saves time and money
  • Installs in seconds, no tools necessary
  • Flat-surface design resists coating
  • CPVC or PVDF construction
  • Available with or without ATC elements
  • Protective tip reduces pH glass breakage (S656CD)
Range 0-14pH (0-12pH without Na+ error) +/- 2000mV for ORP
Wetted Materials Body/Junction: CPVC/HDPE ("-CD" models); PVDF/ Porous PVDF ("-KD" models)
Measuring Surface: pH glass (pH), Platinum or Gold (ORP)
O-rings: Viton Gasket: EPR
Temperature/Pressure Range (all models ending in "-CD") = 0C* - 75C (0-100psig), 80C (0-85psig)
(all models ending in "-KD") = 0C* - 100C (0-100psig)
Note: From 0 to 10C, electrodes will exhibit slower response time.
Reference Type Ag/AgCl, Sealed Double Junction
Installation Any direction

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