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Sensorex ORP Sensor, Differential, Replace GLI/Hach - SD7000CD-ORP

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Sensorex ORP Sensor, Differential, Replace GLI/Hach - SD7000CD-ORP

Sensorex ORP Sensor, Differential, Replace GLI/Hach - SD7000CD-ORP


SD7000CD-ORP ORP Sensor, Differential, Replace GLI/Hach by Sensorex

The SD7000CD and SD7000CD-ORP pH & ORP sensors are a reliable, low maintenance solution for online process control. By employing differential sensor technology, these products offer advantages over conventional combination sensors. The differential design employs two glass electrodes, which record pH or ORP measurements differentially with respect to a third metal electrode. Using a second glass electrode to create a standard reference cell permits the use of a known buffer solution, which resists pH change. Consequently, the reference cell is less susceptible to contamination, which might otherwise lead to additional maintenance and downtime. This technique also provides unsurpassed accuracy by virtually eliminating ground loops. In environments with rapid temperature changes, the SD7000 series ensures measurement accuracy through built-in quick response automatic temperature compensation (ATC). Extended sensor lifetime can be achieved by replacing the sensor reference (salt bridge), a feature that is impossible for conventional combination models. The benefits of differential sensor technology make the SD7000 series an excellent solution for difficult applications, including high temperature and high pressure process control.


  • Extended electrode lifetime with minimal maintenance
  • Simple upkeep with replaceable reference cell junction
  • Superior accuracy through elimination of ground loops
  • Buffered reference cell solution resists contamination
  • Flexible deployment options with longer cable lengths
  • Suitable for rapidly fluctuating temperature conditions
pH Measurement Range: 0 to 14
ORP Measurement Range: -2000mV to 2000mV
pH Stability: 0.03pH per 24 hours, non-cumulative
Wetted Materials: PPS body and salt bridge, PVDF & ceramic junction, Viton o-rings, titanium solution ground, pH glass or ORP - platinum band
Transmission Distance: 3000ft (914m)
Temperature Compensation: 300 Ohm NTC
Temperature Range: 0-95°C(32-203°F)
Pressure Maxium: 100psig @ 40°C (104°F)- for PVC tee/ fitting
100psig @ 60°C (140°F)- for CPVC tee/fitting
100psig @ 95°C (203°F)- for stainless steel tee/ fitting
Flow Rate 10ft/sec maximum (3 meters/sec)
Sensor Cable 5 conductor pus shield, 22AWG, 20ft (6.1m)

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